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Product Spotlight – Blickle Leveling Castors June 25, 2019 - Posted in: News

Sturdy in use. Easy to use.

Blickle’s levelling castors set benchmarks when it comes to transforming mobile work equipment and transport units into stable worktops.

The new range of levelling castors from Blickle combines the successful and proven Blickle levelling castor concept with a large variety of new and innovative levelling castor solutions. Lifting and setting down transport trolleys and transport units is becoming increasingly important, especially with regard to the growing importance of mobility. From simple lifting of small transport units up to the movement, positioning and levelling of heavy machinery, Blickle is an experienced partner and problem solver.

The wide variety of operating concepts for Blickle levelling castors also sets sustainable standards. From ergonomically designed operating levers, which either swivel with the castor or are permanently positioned, up to the simultaneous operation of several levelling castors with a hydraulic pump. Blickle levelling castors have the right operating concept for every situation. With regard to the equalisation of the different mounting heights of individual castors, the Blickle range of levelling castors also offers optimum solutions.

Levelling casters simply means that they have an adjustable height and an anti-vibration pad that secures to the floor, making them more stable and ideal for heavy weight loads. The perfect addition to a workshop, fabrication, manufacturing or even hospital equipment. Once the pad is lowered, the asset it is attached to will not move, creating more stability and less wobble than that of a locked swivel castor is prone to. Levelling castors also have the benefit of keeping an asset close to its original overall height thanks to their low profile.

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