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Fragile loads? No problem with Blickle. June 18, 2019 - Posted in: News

How Blickle spring loaded heavy duty castors prevented glass breakage for fine dining manufacturer

The Customer:

A well-established global brand that manufactures high-end dining glass products and collections. These creative pieces are some of the finest in the world but also very fragile if not treated with care.

The Challenge:

Within the manufacturing workshop there are over 200 loading platforms that enable the delivery of finished products from the industrial ovens to numerous storage, shipping and finishing locations. These platforms are repetitively moved back and forth, linked together with up to 5 in a chain, moving through both indoor and outdoor sections with load capacities of up to 1.5 tonne.

The paths these platforms take are prone to having debris and obstacles left from broken glass and plastic film, which pallets in the workshop are wrapped in. As expected, this debris and obstacles are responsible for a number of shocks and impacts on the platforms, thus resulting in many breakages. The glass products tended to impact on each other or fall off the platform causing a loss of stock and revenue.

Compounding this is now there is a safety issue with the broken glass and high noise emission from the friction caused by the plastic film rubbing the platform.

The Solution:

In keeping to the strict requirements for the platform’s height, a slight modification was made that allowed the use of the LSFN-SE 252K and BSFN-SE 252K Blickle products. The elastic solid rubber tires with ‘Blickles Easyroll’ smooth rolling quality combined with the extremely robust spring-loaded brackets in the LSFN series was perfect for use in the glass workshop. Using these products softened any impacts and reduced the noise factor whilst in motion. Additional to this a thread guard was used to stop any of the plastic film wrapping around the wheel axel, stopping any issues of lock up and load spills.


Product advantages and technical information LSFN-SE 252K-FA and BSFN-SE 252K-FA:
• Thread guards prevent wheels getting blocked by film remnants
• Extremely robust LSFE/BSFE welded steel and spring-loaded bracket absorbs shocks caused by running over obstacles
• Further noise absorption and reduction thanks to elastic solid rubber tires with Blickle EasyRoll smooth rolling quality