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A Focus on Workplace Safety May 06, 2019 - Posted in: News

According to Work Safe Australia 38% of 106, 260 injuries were due to movement in 2017. Movement, in this case, relates to anything with lifting, holding, carrying, pushing and pulling at a high frequency. Manual transport is a common cause of stress and strain. This involves a person carrying a load, placing it on a trolley or manual method of transportation and then moving the object. Because of this it’s important that your business is equipped properly to protect your staff from injuries and expensive workers comp claims.

For example, depending on the speed, a trolley in motion can quickly become dangerous and could cause a number of injuries to a staff member or customer. Because of this QHDC Blickle Australia offers premium solutions from Blickle to help business counteract situations like this and make their assets more safe and manageable.

With their research Blickle has defined that the three different states of an asset: moving, braking and standstill. Their wheel and castor specialist have optimised their product to increase workplace efficiency by decreasing stress and strain during push and pull periods of manual handling and also making static assets more secure.

In order to avoid accidents it is essential for the operator to stay in control at all time during motion. Blickle’s drum castors can reduce the speed of a trolley whilst it is in motion. In addition to this Blickle utilise swivel and fixed castors with a dead mans brake to further increase safety. The dead mans brake offers amazing brake force of over 600 N. These brakes are actively applied and only released when the user decides to disengage them.

In relation to static assets there are a number of measures taken to make sure any loads, at a standstill, are locked down and set in place using brakes. These brake systems are either integrated into the wheels and castors themselves or work via an installed truck lock on the asset. Whilst similar to a traditional jack, they take the load of the asset without raising it up. Activating this lock creates a surface contact pressure of around 600 N. Also on offer is a Blickle leveling castor which is a good option for locking assets in place that are carrying heavy loads. These levelling castors allow an asset to be positioned, levelled and moved with ease and flexibility.

To ensure the ultimate performance of their product and a user’s safety, Blickle perform strict testing that must be adhered to for a final product to pass. One such test they utilise is the finite element method which simulates how the final product will behave in a variety of conditions. In a laboratory environment different load capacities are simulated in varying extreme environment conditions. This allows their product to be optimised for its intended use from the early development stages and pushes the product far beyond the standard test requirements. The main DIN standards for testing wheels and castors are DIN EN 12527 to 12533.

Another great feature of Blickle is that almost every wheel and castor in their catalogue can be provided in an anti-static version. This protects the asset and user from any electrostatic discharge making them exceptionally helpful if you are moving particularly sensitive electronic goods or are working in damp environments.

QHDC Blickle Australia prides ourselves on the quality solutions we can offer the Australian market. We believe that by utilising the knowledge and product of a globally established brand like Blickle we can ensure that your business is utilising the very best solution when it comes to the safety and security of your rolling assets. So talk to one of our friendly staff today and see how we can help you with your business needs.